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Academy to Industry


Today we’re talking to Jonathan and Bobby, from our latest DevOps Academy Graduate intake to hear more about how the Academy set them up for life as an engineer. They’ve been working as Junior Consulting Engineers now and have both spent time working on client site for Government projects. We started by asking them how […]

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The Logic behind Automation


Today we’re speaking to Vlad Moraru about the thought process behind any Automation Project he begins. When it comes to automation, the goal is generally to simplify processes with the added benefit of cutting time, cost, and margin for human error. But preparing and implementing automation systems still requires a lot of thought process, so […]

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Installing OpenStack on AWS by George Tarnaras


Installation Probably everyone with OpenStack hands-on experience would agree that sometimes it could be hard and frustrating to install it and test it. Especially if you do not own a small Data Center or the proper physical infrastructure to support its installation needs… However, wouldn’t it be great to use a public cloud provider and […]

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