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"Automation Logic were the key pillar in our successful application deployment project. We'd have been lost without them."

− Jérôme Delabarre / Responsable equipe Indus/Outils / RET/API/TDP / Société Générale

"Within cloud and automation, it's clear that Automation Logic is one of HP’s best delivery Partners with the vision, experience and the will to deliver complex automation within the enterprise."

− Rafael Brugnini / Vice President & General Manager / HP Software, EMEA

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HP Cloud and Automation

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03 Nov 2015

With Agile and DevOps there is no Hiding Place for the Incompetent.

| Business Blog, Devops

This is one of the hardest issues to tackle and I am not sure I have an answer. I coined a phrase after the particular engagement that brought me down…

20 Oct 2015

Trying out tools with Vagrant and Chef

| Chef, Devops, Jenkins, Tech Blog

It’s now easier than ever to try out new tools and applications. Case in point: this week I’ve been working on a new build and deploy process for a customer….

16 Oct 2015

Test driven development in .NET

| Tech Blog

In my previous post I explained the basics of test driven development (TDD) and what advantages it can bring. In this post, I will give you an example of using…

06 Oct 2015

Them vs. Us – Three ways to tackle Off-shoring/ Out-sourcing With Positivity.

| Business Blog

Ten years ago I used the threat of off-shoring work or out-sourcing as a threat to ineffective organisations during pre-sales engagements so I can totally understand why the ‘them vs. us mentality…