Better business
through automation

Automation Logic is a leading professional services consultancy helping organisations to embrace human-friendly automation and achieve their creative potential. We deliver Cloud, Automation and DevOps solutions and we advocate the strategic adoption of automation as the foundation for prosperity in the digital age. As individuals and as a team, we value curiosity, humility, integrity and collaboration above all, and we exist to deliver better business through automation.

Automation is changing our world. Embrace a new normal.

Cloud services

In an age of digital disruption, Cloud presents organisations with the opportunity to modernise and enhance how IT can enable their business goals. Cloud can deliver far-reaching benefits from scalability to cost-effectiveness to speed to market but, like everything, it needs to be delivered right.

DevOps Academy

We have launched a unique and highly specialised DevOps Academy to equip Junior Engineers from STEM backgrounds in a broad range of DevOps practices, tools and technologies. As leaders in this space, our prospectus is developed by experts based on the needs of our clients.


We use the real world expertise of our team to capture valuable insights for our clients, ensuring they can benefit from the breadth and depth of our experience.


Captured in our videos, our team are thought leaders in our field, regularly sharing their knowledge at industry events.

Our clients

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