Join our London based DevOps team.

Time Run London – July 2015

As a consultancy who helps large organisations adopt emerging technologies, Automation Logic is always comfortable swimming against the tide.  Are you?
In an industry with an increasing focus on specialisation, Automation Logic are looking for talented generalists.  So, if you’re a systems engineer who can program, a software developer who understands infrastructure or a technician who’s interested in business, then we have jobs that could be right for you.

You’ll be joining a fast growing team of London based automation specialists at the top of their DevOps game, working in some of the largest and most challenging computing environments in the UK and Europe.  We’re the UK’s leading independent consultancy in this emerging field, we show our customers new ways of thinking about IT services, and then we put them into production.

We don’t just hire computer science grads either, so if you’re the sort of person who’s building robots in their spare time, who’s first response when being presented with a mechanical object is to pull it apart (reassembly optional) or who is always seeing patterns in things where others don’t, there’s a good chance you belong in London at AL.

Why not drop us a line, or if you’re fresh out of University and looking for your best route into a DevOps career, why not check out our Automation Logic Graduate Academy.

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