Automation Logic offer three key services to assist our customers in implementing their project plans.

Transformation Implementation

  • Our Transformation Implementation service is the natural progression from undertaking a Business Transformation Assessment, and provides the additional or complete resources required in order to deliver the recommendations of that assessment. Transformation Implementations are typically undertaken in a staged approach involving a multi-functional, multi-disciplinary Automation Logic team co-located with the client for the duration of the project.

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Functional Implementation

  • A functional implementation has two starting points.
    In the first instance it enables clients to take the output from a value chain optimisation assessment, and implement those recommendations using either a dedicated Automation Logic team or one formed of both Automation Logic and client staff.
    Alternatively, a functional implementation project may stem from the output of an IT Infrastructure Capability Assessment. In this instance the project tends to be confined within the internal IT function. By their nature these projects tend to be more bounded in their scope, but are still fully documented and fully supportable over the long term either by Automation Logic, or by internal staff once a full handover and training has occurred.

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Project Support Implementation

  • Sometimes we find a client has an internal automation project already scoped, planned and/or under way and just needs to supplement the existing team with a small number of skilled consultants or engineers to plug gaps in skills, knowledge, and/or to accelerate and de-risk deployment. Our Project Support Implementation service enables us to make available to our clients highly experienced and skilled Automation Logic staff to meet these requirements for as long as required.

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