How honest is too honest, did we over-share?

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Kris presents the Findings of our Survey to the Team.

When your successful professional services company is growing rapidly, how do you make sure that you scale effectively, retain the best bits of your culture, drop what’s not working, and face up to what needs to change in order to scale and evolve?

It’s a challenge that we at Automation Logic are facing right now as we scale our business, settle into our new office and match that with the right infrastructure.

At a recent all-hands meeting, co-founder Kris Saxton spoke to the issue:

“Our business is developing very quickly and we’re the leading privately owned cloud automation specialists in the UK. While we were a relatively small business it’s easy to maintain great 1-2-1 relationships with all of our staff, but we’re not perfect and we face some unusual challenges such as keeping the family feeling among a workforce that’s dispersed across multiple client sites. We want to create a platform for the business to grow successfully and deliver a truly great place to work.

When we recently asked our employees to complete an anonymous survey to tell us what it’s like to work here we got some fantastic, positive results and also a clear steer on what’s needed to attract, develop and retain talent as we grow.”

Honesty, Transparency

The feedback from our employees in the survey was mature and constructive and this made the decision to be fully transparent with the results a no-brainer.

This is a Great Place to Work

Here are a few quotes from our employees about what they love about the business;

“Flexibility, great managers, friendly approachable team, not being tied to one client/project for too long, always working towards making progress rather than maintaining the status quo.”

“A home away from home” The people you work with should be a family away from the home, should be able to get along with people in an office that is relaxed, comfortable and fit for purpose.”

“We are approachable and open, we do not mess

about, we say it like it is. Some might not like it, but the majority seem to keep coming back so we must be doing something right.”

We also got lots of positive comments on work-style and leadership, including;

  • Employees’ appreciation of the quality of service we provide
  • Employees’ belief in the future of our business
  • Our culture of autonomy, integrity, fairness, respect, honesty and transparency
  • Access to technical training and qualifications
  • Our colleagues
  • Work-life integration

But we’re not perfect…

It wasn’t all backslapping though. Where we’re not so hot, we’ve held up our hands and are working on improving things. We’re all about improving our business, services and employee experience. We listen and we take action. It’s a key part of our philosophy and we hope our customers see our team doing this every day, both internally and externally.

Here are a few about what improvements our employees would like to see;

“A cascaded down road plan of our quarterly plans”

“More events/technical stuff out of a client context.”

“Maybe we could … offer more guides of careers development to juniors, and get more perks which is always welcomed while everything else is just perfect.”

To that end, and based directly on what our team told us in the survey, we’ve made public a list of seven areas where we’re going to make improvements over the next four quarters.

These are:

  • A comprehensive on-boarding experience for new starters
  • A new way to share our business goals and progress with the whole business
  • More clarity around career progression
  • A new consulting and commercial training academy
  • Benchmarking and aligning pay with upper-market rates
  • Launching a suite of new benefits
  • More staff get-togethers

We hire academically and technically strong problem solvers with great people-skills and business acumen. They’re hard to find folks! Our hiring process is a good reflection of life as an Automation Logic employee, offering a range of technical, business and abstract problems to solve as well as fun activities like Time Run.

Warts and All

So there you have it. Our “warts and all” view of what our employees think about life at Automation Logic. If you like what you see, if you thrive on variety and solving challenging problems and you’re looking for an employer who’s investing in engaging and developing a market-leading team, now is a really great time to join us.
Why not visit our careers page or contact me directly.

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