Automation Logic’s Audit, Strategy and Planning services are designed to help our clients identify, prioritise and plan for the successful delivery of a service automation project.

We currently offer six services in this category:

Situation Report

  • Our situation report service enables our clients to “see the wood for the trees” when it comes to understanding where to begin their service automation journey. Our unique process takes a holistic view of people process and technology to identify the current situation, highlighting greatest opportunities to deliver business efficiencies. The result is a report with recommendations highlighting prioritized actions and their potential positive overall impact on the business.

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Business Transformation Assessment

  • A Business Transformation Assessment provides a macro level view and analysis of ways in which the business can release efficiencies across the entire organisation. It is the most comprehensive service that we offer and is particularly beneficial where business critical services cut across many different departments, organisations and/or technology “domains”. The assessment provides a holistic and prioritized view of automation projects that should be considered based on their return on investment to the business.

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Value Chain Optimisation Analysis

  • Engaging Automation Logic to perform Value Chain Optimisation Analysis enables clients to identify ‘dead’ areas in a specific business process which are adding no value and are ripe for reworking or removal. The analysis will identify how to optimise a value chain to deliver the most efficient results, whether these ‘dead’ areas are technical in nature or at the interfaces between people and technology.

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IT & Cloud Infrastructure Capability Assessment

  • During this assessment, Automation Logic consultants conduct an unbiased assessment of the ability of an organisation’s current IT infrastructure (whether on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment) to deliver against stated, business level objectives. Included within the assessment, and considered part of the infrastructure for this analysis are current internal IT related processes.

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Proof of Concept (AutoStart)

  • Our Proof of Concept service, enables clients to see rapid delivery and validation of a proposed solution to solve a particular problem. The goal in a proof of concept is to solve a real-world need, but in a way that can then be fully developed and supported when applied within a larger project. Proof of Concepts are often useful in demonstrating the potential value of embarking on a bigger project within the client organisation.

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Audit for Supportability

  • An Audit for Supportability enables the client to get a third party, independent assessment of their current implementation with a view to handing off support and maintenance, either to Automation Logic or to another third party support provider. The outcome enables a client to put in place accurate processes and SLAs, and will also identify a set of actions to remediate identified issues that may inhibit smooth and efficient interoperation between client and third party.

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